Amazon, DHL and Audi will run a limited trial in Germany, where customers can have packages delivered directly to their car boot.
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The limited pilot programme is open to German members of Amazon Prime, an annual 49 euro ($57) subscription plan that offers free two-day shipping for most products on Amazon's site.

When the purchaser completes his or her order, instead of typing in a delivery address, they select an approximate location of where their car will be during a one hour window on delivery day.

On the day of delivery, the DHL driver will sidle up to your car and use a one-time access code to pop open your trunk. When the boot is closed, the delivery is marked as complete, the car is fully locked and the access code disabled.

The only catches? The option is only available for deliveries being made by DHL and the buyer must have an internet-enabled Audi.

It's not known how participants will be selected for this trial programme, how long the trial will last, or whether the programme may be extended to other delivery service providers, countries or car brands.

Mid-last year, Amazon generated plenty of headlines by proposing deliveries by drone for its Prime customers. Although the Prime Air service is reportedly undergoing testing and development, it's being held back civil air authorities and, possibly, cost.