The British brand will debut its Mini Augmented Vision glasses concept at the upcoming Shanghai auto show, which starts later this month.
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Developed by Mini's parent, BMW, and automotive and electronics supplier Qualcomm, the thick-rimmed Augmented Vision glasses were styled by BMW's creative consultancy, Designworks.

Some of the augmented reality glasses' functionality, such as the ability to display the car's speed and the current speed limit in a virtual spot above the steering wheel, merely replace or duplicate the capability of current head-up display technology.

Other functions can, at this stage, only be performed by something like these high-tech glasses.


The Augmented Vision spectacles can provide an "x-ray view" through the car's pillars, doors and other visual obstructions. When parking, these glasses are also able to display live video from a camera mounted to the underside of the passenger's wing mirror.

Navigation arrows can be displayed on the road ahead in order to keep the driver focussed on driving. Available parking spaces near the destination and points of interest along the route can also be pointed out by these glasses.


If the driver dons these glasses outside of the car, they can make use of its first and last mile navigation feature, which guides them to their vehicle or to their final destination from their parking spot, respectively.

BMW has yet to give any indication as to how close to production these augmented reality glasses are.