Biofuel Bonanza

Finally the environmentally conscious motorist has a realistic alternative to traditional fuels. Bio-fuel outlets are beginning to appear through out our major cities offering an alternative source of filling-up over conventional fossil fuel based derivatives.
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Whilst, at this stage, the scale of these operations is of little comparative significance, the fact that the motoring public now has a choice available in fuelling their vehicles should be seen as an important milestone.

‘Conservo’ was opened in Melbourne’s trendy Prahran this week, offering a ten percent ethanol-blended petrol (similar to CSR’s ‘United’ outlets), and both a blended and a one hundred percent bio-diesel fuel. It is claimed these fuels offer comparative performance without risking the longevity of the vehicle’s engine and perhaps more importantly that the alternative fuel actually produces fewer emissions.

But before we all rush to queue for the chance to do our part for the environment, keep in mind that for now, these fuels are is still in limited production (about 12 million litres per annum) and that not all manufacturers recommend the use of these fuels in their vehicles. So if you’re keen to be green then check with your dealer or consult your owners manual before giving it a go.