Mercedes-Benz SLK facelift spy photos

Car Advice's spy photographers have managed to capture a prototype of the facelifted Mercedes-Benz SLK roadster.
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As far as facelifts go, this one will be pretty mild. At the front, the revised car will sport a different set headlights, and a tweaked grille living within a new front bumper.

Out the back, the updated roadster will feature a new rear bumper. On top of that you'll see tail-lights with new graphics, which now feature a thick band of LED braking and driving lights situated above a thin strip for the indicators and reversing lights.


In November 2014, Mercedes-Benz announced a new naming structure for its SUV and specialty lineup, with models adopting new names based on their alignment with the company's core A-, B-, C-, E- and S-Class vehicles.

With the recently facelifted M-Class gaining newly minted GLE badges, it's likely that the updated SLK seen here will be rechristened as the SLC.


It's not entirely clear when the facelifted SLK/SLC will appear, because, just two days ago, Mercedes-Benz announced a range of updates to the SLK's drivetrain lineup.

Changes include the entry-level SLK200 being upgraded from a 1.8-litre turbo to a 2.0-litre turbo, the availability of a new six-speed manual and nine-speed automatic transmission on select models, and automatic engine stop/start now featuring as a standard item throughout the range.


Jerry Stamoulis, Mercedes-Benz Australia's public relations manager, told Car Advice that these drivetrain adjustments will begin appearing in Australia-bound SLKs from September this year.