The Aston Martin Rapide will not enter a second generation, instead it will be replaced by two vehicles: a new Lagonda sedan and a DBX crossover.
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Speaking with Car and Driver about the company's model plan for its next-generation of vehicles, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer explained there are three legs to the company's current plans: "First is replacing the entire sports car range; second is the DBX, and that appeals to a different set of audiences; and the third is the sports sedan, which will carry that beautiful badge".

At this point, the American magazine claims that Palmer pointed to the Lagonda pin that he was wearing.

Lest anyone think that the Rapide is counted as part of the company's sports car range, Palmer later explicitly stated that the Rapide will be "split into two cars", with the new Lagonda taking over the position of sedan within Aston Martin's range.

On the other hand, the new high-riding DBX will become the Rapide's "spiritual successor", with pricing to match.


Palmer didn't go into too many more details about the next-generation Lagonda, except to hint that it will be a true global vehicle.

The current limited-run Lagonda Taraf (above), which was unveiled late last year, is only available for purchase in the EU, Middle East, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and Ukraine.


As for the DBX, the Aston CEO revealed that, unlike the two-door concept car (above), the production version will feature five doors. The concept car is, according to Palmer, "conceptually ... correct" and the real thing will keep "that rail going in that arc".

Designed to be "less intimidating, particularly for female customers", the production car will also "a little higher, a little taller" to make sure there's "sufficient headroom and seating room". The car's designers will also ensure ingress and egress are easy, and luggage space sufficient.