Zotye E01 : Chinese EV fuses four cars into one

China’s Zotye E01 looks set to take knock-off car design to a new level later this month when it debuts at the Shanghai motor show.
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A number of Chinese car makers have earned notoriety in recent years for releasing concept and production vehicles heavily inspired by existing models from established manufacturers, but Zhejiang-based Zotye Auto may be the first to fuse four cars into one.

The two-door electric hatchback appears to blend the bodies of the BMW i3 and the Smart Fortwo, while integrating headlights that look suspiciously like those of the Range Rover Evoque.


The similarities don’t stop there, either, with the E01’s 10-inch portrait-aligned touchscreen and button-less dashboard unmistakeably lifted from the Tesla Model S.

The Zotye E01 is said to be capable of a top speed of 80km/h and a range of 150km.

Reports suggest it will spawn a four-door version, dubbed the E02, in the near future.