New RTA Ad Campaign

Well I'm sure by now we have all seen the pinky-wiggling ad campaign taking a stab at men's ego's in what is ironically a message against speeding. Odd perhaps considering the 'maneuvers' these guys are performing would place them still well below the speed limit. Realistically it is an ad condemning reckless driving and is aimed literally below the belt in a misguided presumption of why 'hooning' occurs.
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It seems to me, after viewing the video, a more appropriate ad slogan would have been "keep it on the track". Considering entire sports have been created based on the events depicted in the ad - sports which are enjoyed by both men and women - more due care should have been made not to associate the reckless activities of these driver's with a sport which requires a high degree of skill and dedication.

It was a severely misguided campaign manager who presumed that women were the cause of reckless driving. Even more misguided to think the old lady sitting on the bench was not just as likely, if not more, to drive through the pedestrian crossing without giving way. Perhaps a teenage girl on her phone would have made more sense than a young male so totally absorbed with his mid-80s car that he forgets to stop at the crossing - ironic considering it was an attractive woman crossing at the time, by my calculations he should have done a burnout.

Perhaps most dangerous of all is the message they have unknowingly conveyed with the blue VL drifting (term used loosely). The scene ends with a passenger making said pinky gesture. Unfortunately among young adolescent males this does not mean, "Gosh! That was irresponsible!" A more accurate translation would be, "Here, try it again around this corner, but this time give it more throttle".

I fail to see the factor which deters drivers from this behaviour. Perhaps encouraging the use of open race tracks would help drivers realise there is a much easier and safer way to enjoy their car's.


George Skentzos