Renault-Nissan plan four EU battery sites

The Renault-Nissan alliance plans to build up to four factories in Europe over the coming years to produce lithium-ion batteries for its upcoming electric vehicle range.
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Renault-Nissan believe localising battery production will be pivotal in driving European interest in the brand's EVs which are due to go on sale across the EU from early 2011.

Last month Nissan opened its first battery plant in Japan and announced it would start producing batteries in the US from next year.

Nissan executives say CEO Carlos Ghosn will unveil the company's first purpose-built electric vehicle in early August in Tokyo.

Nissan will launch this new electric vehicle in 2011 in markets such as Portugal, Denmark, Israel, the United States and Japan. The car's global launch will follow in 2012.

Renault plans to begin selling electric vehicles in 2011, although its initial efforts will focus on zero-emission versions of a mid-sized sedan and light commercial vehicle originally designed for internal combustion engines.

Renault's first all-new electric vehicles are expected to go on the market in late-2011 and 2012.