Free?...Free?...Surely not, there's no such thing as a free lunch - as the saying goes.
Dodge Caliber - free insurance
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Dodge CaliberAlas, Dodge would like you to think otherwise. Dodge today announced that all new Dodge vehicles sold will come with free comprehensive insurance for two years.The free insurance claim is open to all drivers - no matter what age - as long as they have a valid driver's license. The excess will be marked at $450 and the underwriter will be QBE Insurance. According to Dodge, this could save some drivers up to $1800 per year.

Dodge Nitro - free insuranceDodge NitroAnnounced at today's Dodge Nitro launch, free insurance will begin immediately after the Dodge Nitro arrives at dealerships. Free insurance will be available on the Dodge Caliber (tested earlier in the year) and across the entire Dodge range closer to the end of the year, including the soon to be Avenger.

Dodge Avenger - free insuranceDodge AvengerOur invitation to the Dodge Nitro launch was lost in the mail - err...or so we were told - so we'll have further information on the vehicle, along with a road test as information comes to hand.