The Honda Civic Concept has debuted at the New York auto show, and it previews the look of the tenth-generation small car.
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Guy Melville-Brown, chief exterior designer of the Civic Concept, told Car Advice that the new Civic coupe will be longer, wider and have a lower roof line than the current car. It will also feature a shorter front overhang, and a longer rear overhang.


Development of the next-generation Civic sedan and coupe variants is being led out of the US, with the styling being primarily formulated by Honda's Los Angeles design studio and engineering done out of the company's centre in Ohio.

Honda Europe is in charge of the hatchback model, and it will once again be produced at the company's plant in Swindon, UK. Starting with the next-generation, the UK-made five-door Civic hatch will be sold in the US.


For the US, the Civic sedan and coupe will offered with a DOHC (double overhead cam) naturally aspirated VTEC engine as standard, with a 1.5-litre turbocharged "Earth Dreams" four-cylinder engine available on up-spec models.

The new Civic will be served up with either a six-speed manual transmission or continuously variable transmission. No word on yet on power, torque, performance or fuel economy figures.


Sales of the new Civic will begin in the US during the third quarter of 2015. The Civic sedan will be the first to go on sale, with the coupe following some time during the northern winter.

We're still waiting to hear back from Honda Australia regarding local timing and availability of variants.