April Fools' Day wrap: the best pranks of 2015

The punktastic pranks of April 1 are an annual source of chuckles. A favourite of automotive fans and journalists alike, this year's April Fools' Day has seen a solid mix of faux news ranging from the slightly odd to the ridiculously unlikely.
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From the wee hours of this morning, CarAdvice was already in a devious mood, publishing three ‘exclusive’ April Fools’ Day stories. In case you missed it, these comprised the Mercedes-Benz BLA Shooting Brake, Ford Mondeo hover car and Australia’s 2019 shift to left-hand drive.

But what are some of the best we’ve seen? Well, here we go…

The Holden Commodore Cat Pack:

Holden Commodore Cat Pack

Revealed on the local lion’s Facebook page, Holden declared it was “purrr-ty excited” to announce the Commodore Cat Pack featuring “fur-retardant” seats, a feed dish and even a scratching post.

“They say the internet is approximately 90 per cent cats, and at Holden, we're pretty fond of them too.”

Citroen Australia's scented roof decals:

Citroen Scented Roof Decals

Set to launch as part of the updated Citroen DS3 hatch and cabriolet due in mid April, the local division this morning announced a range of scented roof decals.

Said to be "developed in Australia" and "activated by sunlight", the "innovative" decals are intended to "add an additional sensory experience to the highly customisable compact hatch and cabriolet".

According to Citroen Australia's quoted national accessories manager, Juan Aeprul, “The DS3 has always catered to the senses – it’s great to look at, its high quality materials are good to touch and now it’ll be wonderful to smell."

The Mini Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe:

Mini Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe - 2

Love chrome? Love Mini? Then the eye-catching Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe special equipment feature from the German-owned British brand is for you.

"For decades, chrome surfaces have been applied to the headlamp, rear light and radiator grille surrounds as well as other typical design elements: for the first time, this feature is now extended to the entire body," Mini’s release reads.

Said to be developed exclusively for the new Mini three-door, Mini points out that the new look will impact the production plant in Oxford, UK, saying, the “hall lights will automatically be dimmed during assembly” and the operating speed of the conveyor belt “will be reduced so as to give employees the opportunity to check their clothing and hair in the reflection” of the body.

The 375kW twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG Sprinter63 S:

Mercedes-AMG Sprinter63 S - 1

Need to move stuff fast? Like, really fast? Mercedes-Benz USA used Facebook to introduce the world to the all-new Mercedes-AMG Sprinter63 S – the ultimate performance van.

Claimed to combine the “utility and capacity of a Sprinter Van” with Mercedes-AMG’s “legendary performance and driving dynamics”, the very, very cool looking Mercedes-AMG Sprinter63 S teams “custom-engineered” AMG sports suspension with a 375kW twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8.

Putting it most succinctly, Mercedes-AMG themselves said, “It’s exactly what you’d expect of our high performance division, if they were given the keys to a Sprinter van.”

Nissan Australia's awesome 3D printed GT-R:

Nissan GT-R 3D Kit

Again relying on the magic of social media, Nissan Australia excited kids and adults alike providing punters a link to the “world’s first real-life DIY 3D printed GT-R kit”.

“Owning a Nissan GT-R is an aspiration,” the post on Nissan Australia’s Facebook page reads, “we’re helping make this dream a reality...”

Including four 20-inch alloy wheels, a high-speed GT-R printer, 1432 individual STL files and A-Z assembly instructions, the do-it-yourself GT-R kit, in its “easy to assemble pack”, can be yours now by clicking here - Enjoy!

BMW New Zealand's double bluff:

BMW NZ April Fools' Day Giveaway

A BMW dealer in Newmarket, New Zealand has given one super sharp punter a brand-new BMW 1 Series after calling them on an April Fools' Day bluff.

Reportedly part of an annual April Fools' Day tradition, the dealership took out an "April Fools' Day special" front-page ad in the New Zealand Herald promising a new BMW to the first person who brought their car and the front-page coupon into the dealership.

Laughed off by many, Tianna Marsh (pictured above) casually rolled up in her 15-year-old Nissan Avenir and, justifiably, rolled away in a brand-new Beemer.

The New Zealand Herald reports that spokesperson for BMW NZ Ed Finn, said the people behind it were particularly proud of this year's effort.

"We believe this reverse April 1 joke to be a world first, especially giving away a brand new car."

Wearing 'NOFOOL' number plates, the new car also came attached to a free day out at a BMW Driving Experience driving course. And yes, Finn confirmed (for real) to CarAdvice that the giveaway was indeed no prank.

Google Maps gets a little Pac-ish:

Google Maps - Pac-Man

And finally, Google has gone all old school for its nod to the first day of April, converting its online Maps site into the Namco world of Pac-Man.

If you haven’t already, go now, click the Pac-Man logo on the bottom left of your screen and relive your childhood memories of a simpler time.

Seen more high-quality April Fools' Day gems? Tell us your favourites in the comments section below.