NSW Roads Minister Under Fire

For once, we come to the aid of the NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal, who is under fire for giving one motor enthusiast a chance at a joyride in a 500km/h drag car.
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Many in the media have drawn some very irresponsible links & conclusions that drag racing will lead to deaths, pointing out the tragedy which recently occurred in the US after Australian drag racer Troy Warren Critchley skidded out of control during a burnout.

One labor supported paid $4500 for the ride in the drag car and "drinks" with Mr Roozendaal. Unfortunately though, there are always misinformed citizens who can criticize nearly everything which is above 60km/hr. Pedestrian Council president Harold Scuby has labeled the Minister's actions as "appalling".

"It's hoon behaviour and sends every wrong message to all the P-plate drivers." Mr Scuby said.

Drag racing has now officially been labeled as hoon behaviour, what is next? Fast cars cause erectile dysfunction? Although we agree on some points with the Pedestrian council (e.g. large 4WDs banned from CBDs), on this occasion, we have, for once, sided with the NSW road minister.

We were glad to hear that Mr Roozendaal's is apparently a drag racing fan, which although he has shown very little of, might mean he has a place in his heart for car enthusiasts. NSW Opposition Road Safety spokesman Andrew Fraser also jumped on the bandwagon and criticized Mr Roozendaal, calling him irresponsible.

"Eric Roozendaal is charged with responsibility to cut the road toll, reduce P-plate speeding and encouraging young drivers to obey the road rules. He should be focusing on ensuring our young drivers don't do this on the streets of NSW, not being part of a promotion for it." Mr Fraser said.

The comments come as a kick in the face for NSW car enthusiasts struggling to convince politicians and the community that driver training and better roads as oppose to harsher penalties and lower speed limits are the keys to reducing the road toll.