Bentley has confirmed that it plans to launch a 10-unit limited edition Mulsanne Speed for the Asian market before the end of the year.
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Teaming with bespoke design partner Mulliner, Bentley set out to create a limited edition vehicle that mimics the intimate sensation of sharing one's jacket lining. Mulliner currently produces a range of Bentley customisations called Hidden Delights, which is the design base for the limited edition Mulsanne Speed.

The bespoke Mulsanne Speed will feature contrast stitching with closed areas such as the glovebox and centre console featuring contrast colouring.


Bentley dealer sales manager for the Asia Pacific region David Simpson said of the limited edition: "[The] Hidden Delights concept, which is a Mulliner feature, is something we felt spoke very well to the conservative nature of our customer base, while having a vibrant expression of colour that they can invite others to share in. It is very well linked culturally to our Asia Pacific customer base."

The concept was shared with a select group of customers at the recent Melbourne grand prix, where Simpson says it was well received.


"[Our customers] welcome limited editions, there is something special about owning a limited edition car, and more specifically the concept for this vehicle itself was received extremely well with our Australian customers. There is choice and expression within this limited edition that a Bentley customer welcomes," Simpson said.

Bentley expects the limited edition Mulsanne Speed will be ready for purchase by the end of 2015. The vehicle will be limited to just 10 units and be sold in the southeast Asian region, excluding China. While Simpson wouldn't elaborate on pricing, the Mulsanne Speed will command a 10 per cent price premium on the $662,857 saloon when launched in Australia. The limited edition Mulsanne Speed is expected to build on that.