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Toyota have announced they will introduce a second brand dedicated to producing hybrid vehicles by 2009. The car maker has big hopes for hybrid technology - and rightly so - expecting to reach 100,000 sales per year, with a further one million units per year when the hybrid brand is in full swing by 2010.
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With an increasing amount of people opting to purchase hybrid cars - their metaphorical red cape - the Prius is no longer a category in itself when it comes to saving the world. It is undergoing a major revamp with three distinct models due in 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Presumably this will entail basic, sports and luxury variants to the Prius line, further expanding greener options for eager buyers.


Masatami Takimoto, VP in charge of powertrain development made a bold statement claiming that hybrids would account for "100 percent" of Toyota's cars by 2020.

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Source: MotorAuthority