The facelifted Mitsubishi Outlander has been teased via a set of officially sanctioned photos of the SUV's front and rear.
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Although Mitsubishi's official teaser of the Outlander's updated front doesn't reveal anything that we haven't seen before in previous leaks, it does confirm that the company's family-friendly SUV is endowed with a completely redesigned, chrome-heavy front-end modelled on last year's PHEV S-Concept.

At the rear, the Outlander redesign isn't anywhere near as dramatic as that applied to the concept car. The new teaser photo of the rear, though, does feature tail-light graphics that tie the concept car and the production vehicle together.

NYIAS 2016 Outlander Rear Teaser

Although the look of Outlander's updated exterior is, by now, a fairly well known quantity, it's not certain how extensively revised the car's interior is. If the PHEV S-Concept serves as a guide, changes may be limited to higher quality trim, a revised centre tunnel and a new steering wheel design.

The facelifted Outlander will debut at the New York auto show, which kicks off at the beginning of April.

Unlike some updates and new models, which spend their sweet time paddling their way down under, the new-look Outlander will be here in short order. Mitsubishi Australia has said that the revised Outlander should be in local showrooms by mid-April.