June vehicle sales show upward trend

The latest new vehicle sales data shows encouraging results with clear signs the market has been boosted by strong, additional demand from business sales, largely the result of tax incentive programs instituted by the Federal Government.
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The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) today released its industry sales summary for June 2009.

Although year-on-year sales are down on last year's all time record high, the 106,541 units sold represent a 36.3 per cent rise on the month of May, which seasonally adjusted translates to a 11.8 per cent gain. It is also the third highest sales month on record.

Passenger vehicle sales are down by 5659 units compared to the same time last year, or 9.2 per cent, while the SUV market decreased by only 4.5 per cent with a fall of 957 units.

In terms of branding, Toyota sits atop the manufacturer sales table on 21,410 units over nearest competitor Holden on 12,167. Ford sits in third place selling 10,194 vehicles for the month.


The standout in this table is Hyundai, while market share is again dominated by Toyota with a 20.7 per cent chunk of all new vehicle sales. Holden follows with 12.3 percent, Ford on 10.2, then Mazda in fourth place on 8.5 per cent.

Hyundai has been the only manufacturer to rise in standing this month moving ahead of Mitsubishi to secure fifth place with a 6.6 per cent hold.

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