Camaro outsells Mustang - first time since '93

The muscle car wars have reached a tipping point for the first time since 1993 with the new Chevrolet Camaro outselling the Ford Mustang in the month of June according to official figures released today.
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Spurred on by a headlining appearance in the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Transformers 2, the Camaro outsold its arch rival 9320 to 7362.

The last time the Camaro beat the Mustang in US monthly sales was October 1993, when Chevrolet sold 10,985 Camaros and Ford sold 5680 Mustangs - a comparable result considering the current economic woes.

According to Automotive News, an even rarer occurrence is the Camaro outselling the Mustang for a full year - a feat which has not been repeated since 1985 when Chevrolet sold 199,985 Camaros, while Ford moved 157,821 Mustangs.

Mark LaNeve, General Motors vice president of vehicle sales, service and marketing, has said strong demand for the Australian-developed Camaro has led to nearly every example selling at or above retail with sales doubling GM's initial expectations.

The Camaro is currently in strong demand in California where there is only a six-day supply of the vehicle.

In some extraordinary cases, customers have been known to purchase their Camaro straight from the delivery truck - even paying as much as $500 over sticker for the privilege.

This represents the most unlikely of times for the most unlikely of cars to succeed in the US market, its just a shame there will be no financial repercussions for Australia, with the Camaro assembled in Canada.