An Instagram user has posted a photo that he claims is of the second-generation Audi R8 supercar.
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The photo was uploaded by Instagram user dreboog with the caption: "New R8! My insider shall remain nameless." Although Dreboog's account on the site has now been made private, we were able to find his profile description: "I dabble in graffiti. CEO KREW. Part time infamous chef #SoleCollector #Audi #VW".

In the photo, the new Audi R8 sits on a hoist without its wheels and with its bonnet slightly ajar. The look of the car's front end marries up quite well with camouflaged photos of the R8 from our spy photographers.

On the side, though, the R8 posted to Instagram seems to do without the sideblade that was a signature of the first-generation vehicle. R8s caught in spy photos, such as the one below and earlier shots, have all featured a sideblade, although they could yet prove to be an artful piece of camouflaged deception on Audi's behalf.


We don't have long to wait to find out what the second-generation R8 looks like, as Audi's supercar is scheduled to make its debut at the Geneva motor show, which takes place at the beginning of March.

Ulrich Hackenberg, board member for technical development at Audi, said last month that the new R8, like its Lamborghini Huracan sibling, will not be offered with a manual transmission

Hackenberg also stated that the petrol-powered R8 would be joined on stage in Geneva by an all-electric version, possibly graced with the e-tron badge, with a range of over 400km.