Update: we have been informed the photo is more than 12 months old.Firstly, let us just say, Dick Johnson is one of Australia's all time favourite racing drivers, and as a result, who else but Dick Johnson to be the QLD Government's, Pacific Motorway Road Safety Ambassador.
Dick Johnson Safety Ambassador - Not So Safe
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What does Dick have todo? Not much really, he does have some handy tips though, he encourages motorists to keep the far right lane free unless overtaking and also gives some other generic tips - however he is after all, only human.

Unfortunately for Dick, a motorist managed to catch him breaking his own rules, dont use your mobile while driving.

We all use our mobiles once in a while when driving and surely, Dick Johnson, one of the best drivers in Australia, can manage to do two things at once?

QLD transport have been asked to comment. We are still waiting for their response.

Thanks to roadsmart for the tip.