The next-generation Chevrolet Spark has been photographed undisguised in Korea ahead of its confirmed Australian premiere with Holden badges in early 2016.
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Aside from a bit of tape over the Chevy bow tie emblem in the grille, these images, originally posted on the Ferd Facebook page, seem to show a high-spec version of the next-generation Spark in almost production-ready form.

The new version of the Spark is a far more conservatively styled affair than the current-generation model. Styling flourishes, such as the current model's oversized headlights and diving window line, have been bid farewell.

A parking sensor appears to be flanked alongside the Spark's front bumper panel and indicates the new Spark may be fitted with semi-automatic parking.


The new Chevrolet Spark was developed alongside, and sits upon the same platform as, the new Vauxhall Viva and Opel Karl, both of which were revealed just prior to the Christmas break.

Visually the three cars share a lot in common, including their profile, door apertures and window shapes.

The Vauxhall/Opel and Chevrolet iterations each feature a similar, but slightly different, set of character lines on the side: one that runs from the front wheel arch to the forward section or the rear door, and a second slightly lower line along the rear door and quarter panel.

On the Chevy Spark, this latter line initially mimics the rear wheel arch before flattening out. As with the current Spark, these images indicate that the new car has a set rear door handles hidden in the window frame; the Viva and Karl both feature door pulls situated on its character line.

Up front the Chevrolet Spark features a unique look with a two part grille, which is flanked by seems to be wider and narrower headlights.