It's only been four rounds, but Nissan's heroic GT-R is no longer the safety and course car for the 2009 V8 Supercar series.
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Buried in the bottom of a press release for the Hidden Valley round, the statement was very vague in its reasons. We understand, however, that it was alcohol branding which raised the ire of Nissan.

It refused to place signage on the car, and that was that. The statement read:

“V8 Supercars Australia and Nissan Australia have reached an agreement to end their partnership, in which Nissan provided the official Safety Car for the Championship Series."

“Nissan fielded the world class Nissan GT-R as the official Safety Car for the first four events of the 2009 V8 Supercar Championship Series with great success and exposure for both brands.

“The decision to discontinue the partnership was amicable and taken in the best interests of both parties. The two companies look forward to exploring other partnerships in the future.”

As yet, a replacement hasn't been found. But that's hardly surprising, isn't it? V8 Supercars has slipped off the radar of many motoring enthusiasts.

Surely, if the sport was as big as head honcho Tony Cochrane makes out, then manufacturers should be falling over themselves to have their car at the head of the field. Surely the exposure is worth every cent spent.

And surely they wouldn't have a problem with alcohol signage put on their car, would they?

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