Aston Martin is resisting the urge to venture downmarket in the search for more sales, according to an overseas report.
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When AutoGuide asked president of Aston Martin's American operations, Julian Jenkins, if the company had plans to produce lower priced models, he responded, "No, not at this stage".

Jenkins did also state, a little enigmatically, that Aston Martin is "very conscious of market demand; we have to be ... if there is a segment, if there is an opportunity that we can sit comfortably within we will go after it".

Aston Martin's current priority is to grow sales by expanding its dealer network, which currently stands just 149 dealerships worldwide. Indeed it wasn't until last year that Aston Martin finally opened its first retail outlets in South America, with stores springing up in Chile, Brazil and Peru.

Many Asian countries are still without an official Aston Martin dealer and the company only has 14 stores in the world's number largest car market, China.


In the words of Aston Martin's brand communications manager, Matthew Clarke, "The big thing for us [in China] is that the sports car culture doesn't exist yet". When wealthy Chinese choose to spend their cash on expensive automobiles, they prefer to splash out on chauffeur driven cars with plenty of rear seat leg room.

In the near term, according to Jenkins, the brand is more likely to move further upmarket or expand its offerings via the Lagonda brand.

The four-door Lagonda Taraf (above) was unveiled towards the end of 2014 and was initially conceived as an exclusive model for the Middle East.

At its launch, though, Aston Martin's new CEO, Andy Palmer, told the press: "It is clear from the initial reaction to the car that interest from around the world is extremely high and I can confirm today that we are also evaluating the opportunity to offer this Lagonda in other markets."