A taxi isn't always the most pleasant place to be, but there is nothing worse than being the passenger after the passenger that has left their night out all over the back seat.
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Apparently, losing one's lunch in the back of a cab has become quite the thing in South Korea — and drivers are sick of it.

So much so that both Taxi Driver Associations in Seoul have joined together to instate a city-endorsed fine of 150,000 South Korean Won (about $175 AUD) for passengers that chunder.

A survey conducted in 2014 noted 42.5 per cent of all complaints lodged by Seoul's taxi drivers involved vomiting customers.

Here in Australia, you can be charged up to $50 extra for revisiting breakfast in a taxi.

So next time you think about catching a cab with Ralph after a Korean BBQ — maybe walk it off first, or it could be the most expensive meal you eat, twice.