Chrysler PT Cruiser Left and Right Rear Quarter Windows Recall
Chrysler PT Cruiser
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Make & Model: Chrysler PT Cruiser

Number of Vehicles Affected: 309

Model Years From: 2005-2006 - Vehicles built from 17 May 2005 through 1 September 2005

Whats wrong?: It is possible under certain conditions that, due to inadequate fixing, one or both of the rear quarter windows could dislodge whilst driving. Should this occur other road users or pedestrians could be at risk of injury.

What should you do?: Contact any authorised Chrysler Dealer to make arrangements for an inspection to be carried out. If you have sold the vehicle, contact DaimlerChrysler on telephone (03) 9566 9380, fax (03) 9566 6223 or via email: