BMW X6 outsells Porsche Cayenne

BMW’s segment busting X6 Sports Activity Coupé has proved a niche sales hit for the company, outselling its German import rival the Porsche Cayenne.
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In ten months, 545 of the crossover BMWs have been delivered in Australia, highlighting its customer appeal.

BMW says that approximately 40 per cent of X6 customers were new to the brand, switching from a luxury competitor, and many buyers stepped up from a traditional coupé to the roomier Sports Activity Coupé.

Although niche by BMW standards, the Sports Activity Coupé this year outsold cars such as the Fiat 500, Jaguar XF, Lexus IS F, Mazda MX5, Mercedes-Benz CLS, Audi A6 and Volvo C30.

The BMW X6 outsold its closest competitor, the Porsche Cayenne, this year by almost 20 per cent.


Further highlighting its success as a premium niche model, the X6 Sports Activity Coupé found more customers in Australia, since arriving last year, than the entire Maserati range.

The X6 debuted last August with a choice of two powerful and efficient twin-turbo six-cylinder engines. This year BMW’s first-ever V8 twin-turbo production engine joined the range.


BMW says 36 per cent of X6 customers this year opted for the efficient in-line six-cylinder twin turbo diesel engine, followed by 33 per cent for the petrol twin turbo V8, with the remainder choosing the twin turbo six-cylinder petrol engine.

BMW plans to shortly bring the performance character of its M division to the X6, and says the X6M will set a new standard in its class in terms of dynamic performance thanks to supreme acceleration, lateral dynamics, steering behaviour, short stopping distanced and efficiency.


“Only the innovative spirit of BMW’s engineers could result in the creation of the X6,” said BMW’s general manager of marketing, Tom Noble.

“It’s a niche that nobody thought existed, until BMW developed a desirable coupe styled SUV, with the handling manners of a sports car.”


“Australians have embraced the X6 and sales have exceeded our initial expectations. Already we have growing interest in the arrival of the X6 M, later this year,” he said.

Globally, more than 35,000 customers have taken delivery of the BMX X6 Sports Activity Coupé.

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