V8 Lamborghini Gallardo?

Rumours are out and about everywhere, first was the Audi RS4 sedan going out of production rumour, which Audi Australia spokeswoman Anna Burgdorf denied (and Audi US spokesman also denied) and now, WorldCarFans reports a V8-powered Lamborghini Gallardo at the Nürburgring.
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At this stage, all we know is that Lamborghini are testing a V8 powered Galardo, this is by no means an indication that the variant will ever go into production.

Although given the desire to sell more cars, a more affordable Gallardo would make sense for Lamborghini.

The photographer reports seeing the Gallardo being benchmarked with an Audi RS4, which is powered by 4.2-litre V8. It would seem logical to assume a transplant of the RS4 engine into the Galardo.

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Source : Worldcarfans