If Superman III taught us anything, it was that when trying to keep a low profile about your extra-curricular activities, don't drive the Ferrari to work.
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A tip possibly more pertinent if your day job is police officer.

"The man who did this is a genius. He'll lay low. We'll never catch him..."

Englishman Osman Iqbal must have missed Gus' 308GTS in the 1983 blockbuster as he chose to park his red Ferrari 458 Italia at the Birmingham Police Station for a day at work, arousing suspicions from his co-workers.


Osman Iqbal and his 458 Italia

It worked for Axel Foley in Detroit, and for Crockett and Tubbs in Miami, but sadly the $525,000 425kW/540Nm V8 supercar would be the red-flag that alerted authorities to Iqbal's double-life.

Investigations would uncover that Officer Iqbal had been covertly running a brothel which was used to launder money as well as distribute narcotics.


Crockett and Tubbs doing it right in their Ferrari Testarossa

Iqbal also abused his role to access classified police intelligence computer systems.

BBC.com reports that Iqbal has been jailed for seven-years for his crimes.

Just a reminder that good taste cannot help poor judgement.