The tough Ariel Nomad will be unveiled at the UK International Autosport Show this week at the NEC in Birmingham.
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We got a glimpse of this crazy off-roader just days ago, and now it's on show in the metal in all its mad glory.

Lightweight and built to handle rugged terrain, the Nomad on and off-roader joins the Atom road and track car and the Ace motorcycle in the Ariel line-up.

The Nomad sports a 2.4-litre four-cylinder K24 iVTEC engine sourced from Honda with a six-speed gearbox and limited slip differential. It's an architecture spawned from the Honda Type R, adapted for the Atom and now the Nomad.


The engine is capable of producing 176kW at 7200 rpm and 300Nm at 4300rpm - the same as a supercharged Atom - and can go from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Another point of difference is the Nomad's outboard aluminium dampers that look brutish and allow for easy adjustment.

This two-wheel drive mudslinger has over 300mm of ground clearance, a front approach angle of 71 degrees and a departure angle of 82 degrees, and it weighs just 670kg.

It's minimalist and open-air design make it easy to clean after a day thrashing through mud and gravel, just hose it off.


The Ariel space frame offers roll-over protection (as well as looking awesome) and the multi diameter structural steel chassis is created with laser cut components and CNC-formed tubes which are bronze welded by hand.

Orders are now being taken and production will begin soon, but there'll be just 100 cars produced a year. Each is fully customisable, with its own build bay and a dedicated technician that will build the car by hand. Buyers can pop in and check on the progress of their creation throughout the process.


Different tyres, wheels, competition parts, engine tuning and suspension components are available, depending on whether the focus is off-road or on-road. Customisation options include the windscreen, underbody protection, lamps, bumper bars and winches, plus full weather equipment is available for winter and off road conditions.

Ariel director Simon Saunders says it's all about giving clients what they want.

“We understand niche markets and we understand customers’ demands completely. Everything we have learnt from the Atom has gone into Nomad and it shows. Nomad is Atom’s tough brother and a continuation of our ‘SERIOUS FUN’ philosophy. If we can put a smile on people’s faces, on road or off it, we have done our job," he said.


The Nomad could also hit the rally circuit in the future, Ariel has confirmed it's seriously considering heading in that direction.

The UK allows the Nomad to be road registered, and discussions are underway with North American Licensees, TMI Autotech to take on production in the USA.

But don't expect to see any on Australian roads anytime soon.