Audi RS6 Spyshots

It seems that car manufacturers are getting really serious about high performance cars. Audi was rumoured recently to have put an end to RS4 sedan production to concentrate on the new RS6.
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Although the rumours appear to be credible, Audi spokeswoman Anna Burgdorf told CarAdvice that there is no official word yet. Either way, if Audi will stop producing the RS4 sedan to make this instead, we are all for it!

These spyshots were taken in Germany, and as you can see, the RS6 is far more aggressive than the standard Audi S6. The RS6 will be powered by the same engine in the Lamborghini Galardo (and the S6), albeit turbo-charged.

The 5.2-liter V10 will produce around 400-450kWs.

The changes to the design are not subtle, the LED light strips on the S6’s front bumper have been left out while the RS6 comes with much larger front air-intakes. As for the rear, the dual-tip exhaust is gone, in its place comes a bigger single exhaust pipe.

We expect to see this car the Frankfurt motorshow this September.

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