At its first ever CES, the German behemoth unveiled its Volkswagen Golf R Touch, which packs an array of high resolution screens, gesture sensing technology and capacitive buttons into the cabin.
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As far as the drivetrain goes, we're lead to believe that the Golf R Touch features the same kilowatt-packed 2.0-litre turbocharged motor hooked up to an all-wheel drive system as other Mark VII Golf R models.


It's inside the cabin where all the action is. The upper portion of the control stack, as well as the central vents, are replaced by a glossy 12.8-inch 2560x1700 touchscreen. Below this is a multi-touch slider bar, underneath which is an 8.0-inch 800x480 touchscreen.

This screen, just ahead of the gear lever, is tasked with controlling the climate control and audio systems. It has been equipped with localised haptic feedback, so the driver can run their fingers along the screen to find the button they're looking for without looking away from the road; virtual buttons on this screen are pressure sensitive.


The final screen won't surprise anyone who has sat in a luxury car over the last few years, with a 12.8-inch 1920x720 display replacing the traditional analogue-style gauges.

A gesture sensor mounted in the ceiling just ahead of the sunroof allows the driver or front passenger to control certain functions, such as which track is playing, audio system volume and sunroof operation, with a wave of one's hand. Practically all of the car's physical levers and dials, including the electric window switches, have been replaced by touch sensitive elements.

Strips of LED ambient lighting are strung out across the dashboard and door panels, and can be customised to almost any colour in the rainbow. The upper screen also features user customisable wallpapers and configurable home screen tiles.

Some of this high-tech gear may be headed into Volkswagen models in the near future, but officials on hand weren't keen on discussing what will turn up and which models may see it first.

Stay tuned for our hands-on demonstration video and first impressions of the tech inside the Golf R Touch.