Jaguar is set to expand its environmental credentials within the next two years with its development of an extended range EV (electric vehicle) version of its upcoming XE roadster.
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The XE-EV roadster will initially feature a drive-line consisting of a three-cylinder (petrol) engine coupled to lithium-ion batteries that will in turn drive an electric motor. The electric motor will then provide propulsion to the rear wheels.

Coininciding with the release of an all-electric drive-train for its next XJ series it's apparant that the sedan will sport a seperate system from that proposed for the XE-EV roadster.

Debut timing is still a little hazy due to the global economic downturn with the expected release at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show now in doubt.

But with Fisker moving ahead on its convertible Karma, Jaguar could have to make a move sooner than expected. Though for now it's a case of wait and see.