The days of hunting around for a torch or candles in the event of a blackout are over.
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If you have a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the driveway, you can (in Japan at least) use the stored electrical energy to power your home.

Called V2H, or Vehicle to Home technology, the Outlander connects via its quick-charging socket (optional) to one of a number of home interfaces available in Japan.

While this technology has been available for some time with full EV cars, the Outlander PHEV is the first petrol/electric hybrid in the world to be certified for V2H as the petrol motor doesn't engage when the car is connected to the grid.

Mitsubishi say that a fully charged PHEV can power your home for a full day.

Mitsbushi Outlander PHEV plug1

This technology obviously has greater uses than allowing residents to catch those final minutes of 'The Bachelor" during a blackout, the V2H interface can utilise a PHEV as a mobile power station for remote locations or providing support during a natural emergency.

There is no word at this stage on when V2H technology will be available in Australia.