Toyota Racing and Development chief engineer Stephen Castles today confirmed the upcoming supercharged Aurion, will perform better than previously expected.
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The 3.5-litre dual VVT-i V6 engine which is found in the base model Aurion is supercharged for the TRD range. Although no exact power figures were given, Mr Castles said the TRD Aurion will have at the very least 235kW.

"The total engine performance is definitely one of the key positives of the TRD Aurion package, the TVS unit has performed really well and definitely helped deliver the engine performance we need." Mr Castles said.

The extra power has also improved the 0-100km/hr times for the TRD Aurion, Mr Castles again would not confirm an exact figure (which leads us to believe the car is still under final stages of development), but said final acceleration times are even better than predicted.

The TRD Aurion will be the only production car in the world using the new Eaton twin-vortices supercharger (TVS). The supercharged is packaged locally by Melbourne-based Harrop Engineering. One of the reasons Toyota has picked the TVS superchargers is due to design, the Eaton-designed unit does not require an intercooler.

Mr Castles said without the quality of the standard Aurion V6 engine, the supercharging process would have been near impossible.

"It was a great benefit to have such a well-designed, sophisticated and well-built engine to work with from the start," he said.

Toyota expects the TRD Aurion in showrooms by mid August this year.