It's normally the realm of poor Photoshops or bonkers show cars - grafting the nose of one car onto another.
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Nissan famously followed fans who were fitting the S13 Silvia nose onto the sister 180SX hatch with an official "Sileighty" model.


This one comes from a BMW fan in the UK who (like many) was not a fan of the BMW 1-Series nose on the sporty M135i hatch. His solution - fit the newer (and arguably prettier) M235i face to create a rather cool looking mashup.

The custom 2-Series hatch (using the 3-door body which isn't available in Australia) holds together really well, and does answer the 'what if' question posed by many owners when the 1 and 2 series cars were split into hatch and coupe respectively.


Keen to do it yourself?

Luck is at hand, as German Tuner 'Individual Cars' offers the nose job as a $4,500 conversion kit (not including shipping, duty, painting or fitting).

So if you want a more 'special' 1-Series but don't want to look like a runner-up at Autosalon, then you can put together what some would argue is the 1er we 'should' have got in the first place.


What do you think? Is this a better 1-series, or something that is best left to the customisers?

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