New South Wales Police booked almost 300 drivers for failing to keep left in a one-day, state-wide traffic blitz last week.
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Operation Compliance 5 targeted motorists driving in the right lane, as well as illegal mobile phone use, school zone offences and vehicle defects across the state’s major highways and suburban roads.

A total of 297 drivers were handed infringement notices for failing to keep left, receiving a $311 fine and two demerit points.

NSW Police traffic and highway patrol commander Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said the successful Operation Compliance 5 program aimed to penalise drivers for offences that risked the safety of all road users.

“Not keeping left on our roads is a community issue that needs to be brought to the attention of all motorists,” Hartley said.

“Driving well below the speed limit in the right lane can cause traffic build-up and result in unsafe and illegal overtaking manoeuvres.

“With 297 not-keep-left offences detected in one day, the message needs to be highlighted to keep left unless overtaking, to ensure the safety of all motorists.

Another 899 were penalised for using their mobile phones while driving, 713 were pulled over for committing offences in school zones, and 358 were stopped for driving defective vehicles – numbers that Hartley deemed “disappointing and dangerous”.

“Police will continue to run these operations to ensure drivers who have become complacent are detected and brought to account for their actions, before being involved in a serious or deadly crash.”