Ferrari has taken the covers off its latest track-only vehicle, the Ferrari FXX K hybrid, at an event overnight in Abu Dhabi.
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As the new car is based on the LaFerrari hybrid, the K suffix in the name is a reference to the car's KERS or kinetic energy recovery system. Despite being a track-only vehicle, the FXX K doesn't have to comply with any racing regulations as it will only be available to owners during closed competitions and events organised by Ferrari.

Sitting behind the passenger cell is a 6.2-litre V12 that now features mechanical tappets instead of hydraulic ones, revised and polished intake manifolds, and an exhaust system that does without the road-going car's silencers. Ferrari says that the V12 now delivers 634kW of power and 750Nm of torque, which is up 46kW and 50Nm on the regular LaFerrari.


The V12 engine is teamed with a more powerful 140kW electric motor — the road-legal version makes do with a 120kW unit. All up, the FXX K has a total output of 772kW of power and over 900Nm of torque, with power going to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

A Manettino switch allows the driver to choose between four hybrid drive modes: Qualify, which provides maximum performance for a few laps; Long Run that provides a consistent level of performance; Manual Boost, which gives the car a brief shot of maximum torque; and Fast Charge that helps to replenish the car's battery pack post haste.


Ferrari has yet to provide a 0-100km/h performance figure or a top speed, but the FXX K should best the LaFerrari's 1:20 lap time around the company's Fiorano track.

Compared with the LaFerrari, the FXX K features a bevy aerodynamic changes, including revised front splitters and spoilers, side sills that protrude out further, and a taller and even more aggressive rear diffuser. The most obvious change, though, are the dynamic wings rising out of the car's rear haunches.


Depending on which mode it's running in, Ferrari claims that downforce is increased by between 30 and 50 per cent over the LaFerrari.

The FXX K rides on slick Pirelli rubber that feature built-in temperature, pressure and acceleration sensors. Accordingly, the car's electronic differential, traction control, side slip angle control and anti-lock braking systems have been tuned to suit, with the latter being driver adjustable between five different settings.