Weekend deals on wheels

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It’s a competitive environment out there for Australia’s 60-plus car companies. As such, you can pick up some great deals without having to haggle. Here are just a few to consider if you’re out shopping over the weekend.

Renault Clio Authentique

This stylish little Euro is available in base form, the 900cc turbocharged Authentique with manual gearbox, for only $15,990 drive-away. It’s a seriously lovely little car for that kind of money, with LED daytime running lights as standard.

And stress less about perceptions of running costs. The Clio gets a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty with roadside assist, and three-year capped-price servicing pegged to $299 a pop. Just be aware the Clio, despite its top ANCAP rating, has no side-rear airbags.

See more info here.

MY14 Kia Cerato 5 door

MY14 Kia Cerato S sedan or hatch

Kia’s website is advertising MY14 Cerato S models in either body style for just $19,990 drive-away, with a free six-speed automatic thrown in at no cost, until November 30.

The Cerato is a criminally underrated car, and is every bit as good as the Hyundai i30. Making this deal all the better is Kia’s industry leading seven-year/150,000km warranty and capped-price servicing plan to make ownership as painless as possible.

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Nissan Altima ST

Not the sexiest number n the block, but if you want a spacious and comfortable mid-sized cruiser and a Camry is too common, Nissan will do you an MY14 Altima ST for $27,976 drive-away, with dual-zone climate control, push-button start and 16-inch alloys.

For comparison, the list price of this model is generally $29,990 plus on-roads, so this is a sharp deal indeed.

More info here.


Holden Trax LS auto

The Holden Trax is one of the Lion brand’s better offerings. It’s a baby sized urban SUV with great cabin space and practicality.

For this weekend, you can get one for $24,990 drive-away with a free automatic transmission, five-year warranty and capped-price servicing set at $185 a pop. There’s also a chance, stocks pending, of you upgrading to an LTZ auto for the same price as the LS. Worth a look.

More info here.


Suzuki Grand Vitara Navigator auto

It’s about the oldest kid on the block, but a Suzuki Grand Vitara with auto transmission,18-inch alloy wheels, reversing camera, integrated sat-nav and Bluetooth for only $27,990 drive-away is one hell of a deal.

It’s not so fashionable against the Mazda CX-5, say, but it’s tough and well-equipped.

More info here.

VW Amrok

Volkswagen Amarok 4x4 Manual

This entry level Amarok 4x4 dual-cab is one of the most car-like in the class. Any concerns over ownership should be alleviated by three years of free scheduled servicing and free metallic paint.

As $37,990 drive-away, it’s not priced as a premium offering any more.

More info here.