Bristol airport in the UK has started a four-week trial of a bus that runs on bio-methane, generated by sewerage treatment.
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So yep, it runs on poo (and processed food waste, but there's nothing funny about that).

The 40-seat airport transfer service has a range of 300km on a single tank of the (endlessly) renewable fuel.

Bio-methane has cleaner emissions than diesel and also reduces the reliance of fossil fuels.

The bus is expected to carry 10,000 passengers a year on the service from Bath to Bristol airport in southern England.


GENeco, the company behind the bio-methane generation, also operates a Volkswagen Beetle that uses the technology.

There is no word yet on what the exhaust gasses smell like, or if the quieter ones are worse.

And yes, I thought long and hard about that headline - come up with a better one and win a CarAdvice prize pack!