Meet the Mini with two wheels: this is the Mini Citysurfer concept, unveiled this week at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show.
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The two-wheeler looks like one of those Razor kick scooters that were popular in the early 2000s, but this new mobility device from Mini features an electric drive motor that allows it to hit 25km/h. The electric motor only comes on line after the rider initiates momentum with their own force.

Mini Citysurfer concept_03

The Citysurfer concept weights 18 kilograms, and the bulk of that weight is low in the chassis where the lithium-ion battery sits. It can be recharged from a 12-volt car socket, according to the BMW-owned British brand, and it is claimed to offer between 15 and 25 kilometres of range.

As is the way of electric mobility these days, the Mini Citysurfer also features regenerative braking via its hydraulic front and rear disc brakes, so it can regather kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost and add some extra charge to the battery. You can also add charge to your smartphone, which also doubles as a navigation system.

Mini Citysurfer concept_07

The Mini Citysurfer can be folded up to fit in the boot of the new-generation Mini Cooper.

While the Citysurfer looks production-ready, the brand has made no mention of any plans to offer the new two-wheeler to the public.

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