Once a highly-priced performance option found on only the world's fastest and most expensive supercars, Brembo is now helping to bring carbon ceramic brakes to the masses with the help of a new joint-venture with carbon-fibre specialists SGL Group.
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The team in Milan is working on a formula to mass produce the fade-resistant compound as well as bring costs down so that it may eventually find its way into regular passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Brembo already has an exclusive clientele list for its carbon ceramic brake packages to the tune of more than A$122 million a year with sports car companies such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Daimler, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Although adapting the technology for a more mainstream application promises to be even more lucrative, which is where the new joint-venture will find its niche.

Cracking the carbon conundrum will focus largely on the manufacturing process that currently requires the completion of several manual and semi-automated tasks.

Modifying the product to be built on a completely automated production line is where the 'holy grail' lies, resulting in increased production volume that should inevitably see the cost of the ceramic brake package come down.

While the thought of a carbon ceramic brake package on a Corolla may seem like overkill, they are certainly a worthy inclusion for most pseudo-sports cars and especially heavy commercial vehicles, such as buses, which are highly susceptible to brake fade.