2007 Audi TT Roadster

It has been a big week for Audi Australia, the shipment of the new Audi S3 didn't come alone, along with it, came the new Audi TT Roadster.
2007 Audi TT Roadster
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CarAdvice got to drive the 2.0-litre Audi TT earlier this year, and while the hard top was in it self an absolute marvel of a car, we think the roadster is what its all about. The open-top two-seater has just landed in Australia and we can't wait to drive it.

The new TT will come with a choice of two engines and setup, the front-wheel drive 2.0-litre TFSI and the potent Quattro All-Wheel-Drive 3.2 V6. Both engines are mated to a S tronic transmission. Audi has put the TT Roadster on sale at $77,500 for the 2.0-litre and $92,900 for the 3.2 V6.

2007 Audi TT Roadster Rear

Compared with the old TT roadster, the new TT has grown a little bit, (it doesn't seem as though newer models can get smaller!). The open-top two-seater measures 4,178 millimetres in length (+ 137 mm), and it is 1,842 mm wide (+ 78 mm) but only 1,358 mm high (+ 8 mm). The wheelbase has increased to 2,468 mm (+ 46 mm).

The 2.0 TFSI engine puts out 147 kW of power and 280 Nm of torque. Mated to an S tronic gearbox, the 2.0-litre TFSI engine foes from 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, with a top speed of 237 km/h. It does this all while consuming just 7.8 litres of fuel per 100 km on average. The car only weighs 1295 kgs.

2007 Audi TT Roadster Interior

As for our weapon of choice, the 3.2-litre V6 variant packs 184 kW of power and 320Nm of torque. The bigger brother does the 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds (same as the Audi S3) with an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. Fuel economy is 9.5 litres per 100 km. This is the same engine as the one found in the Volkswagen Golf R32.

Audi believes 7 out of 10 customers will pick the 2.0-litre turbo and the remaining 3 will opt out for the more powerful variant. Audi is hoping to sell 105 of the 2.0-litres variants and 45 of the V6s.

Apart from the power increase, the 3.2-litre V6 variants also get the benefit of Quattro All-Wheel-Drive and a higher equipment package. Some of the more notable features of the Roadster include an electrically powered spoiler that is extended when the car hits 120 km/h (also available on the hard top coupe).

2007 Audi TT Roadster Front Low

Of course the reason you buy a Roadster isn't just for speed and handling, but more so because you want to put the roof down and drive in style, and the TT doesn't disappoint. The new TT Roadster comes equipped with a fully automatic electro-hydraulically powered soft top, opening or closing in just 12 seconds, and you don't even need to pull over! It works even when driving.

2007 Audi TT Roadster Side

The 2.0-litre rides on 17-inch Y-spoke alloy wheels, and the 3.2 quattro on 18 inch alloy wheels. Audi have worked the TT's suspension to improve ride and handling. The front suspension uses uses McPherson construction refined by lightweight aluminium components. Power steering has also been revised with electro-mechanical assistance.

The highlight of the package though, is the optional adaptive damping system, Audi Magnetic Ride. The system is a high-tech feature which gives drivers the ability to pick between (at a push of a button) a comfortable or sporty ride.

Specification sheet for each variant:

The new Audi TT Roadster is available now.