Morgan Threewheeler electric model coming - report

The quirky Morgan Threewheeler could be set to adopt an electric drivetrain.
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A report in the UK's Telegraph newspaper states that the Worcestershire-based company is considering a plug-in EV alternative for the Threewheeler, which is otherwise available with a V-twin 2.0 litre air-cooled motorcycle engine.

Little detail is known about the electrified Threewheeler, though it would likely need to see significant structural changes over the front-engine, rear-drive petrol model. Weight would also be a big concern as the current vehicle tips the scales at just 525 kilograms.

Morgan 3 wheeler_6

Morgan has previously played with the idea of an electric vehicle as part of its ranks, with the Plus E manual EV sports car being the most prominent example of the British company's desire to offer an environmental sports car alternative.

According to the report, Morgan had only planned to build and sell 400 examples of the Threewheeler but has since sold 1400 worldwide, and the company says it is making 500 units per year to keep up with demand. Indeed, the Threewheeler is now the brand's biggest seller.

All Threewheelers are made to order, with the frames of all versions being constructed using ash wood sourced from Lincoln or Norfolk in the UK.

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Morgan Cars Australia has been working to sell the Threewheeler in Australia but the process has been held up by homologation issues. CarAdvice has contacted the company for an update on the status of the Threewheeler going on sale here.