Next-generation Audi A4 confirmed for 2015

Audi has confirmed that the mainstay of its range, the Audi A4, will enter a fifth generation in 2015.
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During celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the A4 badge, Audi announced that its Ingolstadt plant in Germany is preparing for the launch of the next-generation A4 in 2015.

A new body shop with over 1300 machines, including robots and automated welders, has been constructed at the factory in the German state of Bavaria.

The fifth-generation A4 will be built up from the Volkswagen Group's MLB scalable model matrix, meaning that the new car will continue with a longitudinal front-engine, front- and all-wheel drive layout.

This configuration has been used in all A4 models since it was launched in 1994, as well as in the 80 range that it replaced.

Produktionsjubilaeum:  20 Jahre Audi A4 am Standort Ingolstadt

Both the original Audi A4 and the groundbreaking aluminium spaceframe A8 debuted in 1994, and the A4 has helped to usher in an era of sustained growth for the four-ringed marque.

Over six million A4 models have been produced by Audi over the past 20 years. In 2013, the A4 sedan notched up 235,582 units sold to become the brand's most popular body style, although it only just edged out the Q5 SUV by 1531 vehicles.

All up, the A4 range accounted for 21.6 per cent of all Audi sales last year or 27.7 per cent if you include the various A5 variants. The second most popular model in the Audi lineup is the A6, which accounted for 18.3 per cent of the brand's sales in 2013.