According to an extensive American car owner survey, entertainment and navigation systems are the most likely source of complaints in new cars.
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Consumer Reports' 2014 Annual Auto Reliability Survey, which tracked car issues reported by the magazine's subscribers over the past 12 months, was released earlier this week, with the category that encompasses in-car electronics generating the most complaints.

The publication singles out the new Infiniti Q50 for special mention. In addition to debuting a new naming structure for the luxury marque, the Q50 was also the first model to feature the brand's new dual-screen InTouch infotainment system. More than one in five owners surveyed reported problems with the system.

There is hope, though, for Infiniti and other makers struggling to get their entertainment and navigation systems working as users would like. The reliability of the once much pilloried MyFord Touch system featured in many Stateside Fords and Lincolns — and only recently introduced to Australia via the FG X Falcon — has improved considerably.

At one stage 28 per cent of Ford Explorer buyers had problems with the system, but that has now dropped to about three per cent. Chrysler's UConnect platform and Honda's HondaLink system have also seen similar improvements thanks to bug fixes and design changes.

Overall, Lexus topped this year's Reliability Survey, with Toyota and Mazda occupying the podium places. At the other end of spectrum: Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Fiat, all FCA brands, filled out the bottom four spots, just behind Mercedes-Benz.

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