Scratch a Captiva and Win

The Korean made Holden Captiva has found its way to the UK, badged as a Chevrolet Captiva. Although sales of the Captiva have not put its competitor, the locally produced Ford Territory to shame, Holden have been happy with the car so far.
Scratch a Captiva and Win
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In the UK, in order to launch the new Captiva, GM have decided to take a new approach to marketing. They have covered a new Captiva in silver latex, the material found on instant scratchy cards. The whole process took two months!

Thousands of Brits scratched away at the car for nearly 14 hours. The point? Underneath were thousands of individual panels, with one revealing a symbol to win the vehicle.

“It’s exciting and unique to unveil the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’ in the UK, giving the British public the chance to take part in the biggest scratch off in history. You’ve been able to scratch to win a car before, but using a vehicle as an actual scratch card is certainly a first and it could take 14 hours of scratching." Chevrolet spokesman Les Turton said.

The Chevrolet Captiva is available in the UK from £16,995 ($40,000 AUD) on the road. The Holden Captiva retails in Australia from $35,990 AUD.

Scratch a Captiva and Win

Just how exactly is this promotion meant to help the Captiva's image? Come scratch a captiva and win? Surely, this is decremental to the car's image - branding it as a cheap (come-scratch-me-I-am-not-worth-anything) vehicle.

Would you want a completely scratched Captiva? The silver latex isn't exactly the thickets material to cover your car with!

Scratch a Captiva and Win

Thankfully Holden marketing team thought better than to have a public scratching.