Honda Accord Euro to be axed in 2015

The Honda Accord Euro will be axed from the car maker’s line-up next year and will not be replaced.
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Honda Australia director Stephen Collins told CarAdvice today that he was made aware of the Japanese manufacturer’s decision to discontinue the once-popular mid-sized Accord Euro overnight following a notice from head office.

Collins confirmed production of the Honda Accord Euro would wind up early in 2015 following years of speculation about its future, though said Australian dealerships would continue to sell the model until about the middle of next year.

"Obviously we're disappointed at the decision, as the two Accord strategy has been highly successful for us over the life of the car," Collins said.

Collins said the Euro’s fate was sealed by the fact the current second-generation Accord Euro, known as the Acura TSX in the US, has already been replaced by the new, left-hand-drive-only TLX sedan in that market.

He also cited declining demand for the model in other markets around the world, such as China, where the second-gen Accord Euro-based Spirior has been replaced by a new, left-drive, China-only model.

The Honda Accord Euro has been a pillar for the local division for much of the past decade. Sales topped 10,000 in 2005 and 2006 and averaged more than 6200 between 2007 and 2012. Sales plummeted 70 per cent in 2013, however, down to 1834. It’s down a further 60 per cent after the first nine months of this year, with just 582 sales to its name.

Honda Australia has sold about 60,000 Accord Euro sedans since launching the first-generation model in 2003.

Honda will continue to sell the newer and larger Accord sedan in Australia. Sales of that model have also taken a hit this year, falling 43 per cent to 1365.