The Bibendum Challenge

Seems like these concept fuel efficient cars are endless, inventors have been making them since the 80s, one after the other, they come, get media attention and they all sound brilliant, then they all disappear! So for the 8th year running, the Michelin Bibendum Challenge was held recently in Paris to showcase the alternative fuel vehicles and their features. As the name suggests, the event is sponsered by Michelin who seem to have a vested interest (perhaps good publicity?) in this.
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"There's no single solution. On the contrary, there's a vast array of solutions" Michel Rollier, chief executive officer Michelin.

Who knows what the deal is with Michelin, maybe they are just scared that people will move away from cars and tyres will become obsolete?

"If we were to curb the automobile, we'd be curbing freedom and economic growth"

Anyway the weekend belonged to the cars more than anything. And cars were aplenty, everything from a Volvo that can take 5 different fuel types, to electric push bikes (I don't know if an electric pushbike is an oxymoron - but don't tell the French), A super Audi (pictured) to Go Karts. Check out more pictures and information about the cars here.

Thanks to Phil from Spinopsys for the heads up.