2008 Mazda 2 Details

As the all new Mazda 2 gets closer to its Australian debut (October), Mazda Australia are slowly releasing some finer details for the Australia bound variants.
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As for the Japanese Mazda 2 (Demio), there is confirmation from Japan the car will not only get Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) but it will also come with Miller-cycle engine technology. You can learn more about Miller-cycle engines here.

Mazda had previously used this technology in the luxury branded Eunos 800. Logically, the technology is usually coupled to a supercharger to not only increase the displacement of the engine but to also to improve the efficiency of the compression phase of a four-stroke engine.

Mazda Japan says the technology in the Mazda 2 will improve fuel efficiency by 20 per cent over the existing model (6.6L for manual - 7L for automatic). This will give the new Mazda 2 mated to CVT a fuel economy of 5.3L/100kms - but don't celebrate just yet, Australia is unlikely to get the 1.3-litre Mazda 2 any time soon.

Mazda 2 Rear

Mazda Australia have been silent mentioning the miller-cycle variant of the new Mazda 2, however they recently confirmed that Australia will not get the 1.3-litre engine, which rules out the more advanced Mazda 2.

The Australian variant will be around 100kg lighter, powered by a 1.5-litre engine (76kW @ 6000RPM - 136Nm @ 4000 RPM). Fuel economy is expected at around 5.7L/100km.

Pricing is still under review, although Mazda spokesman Alastair Doak recently admitted that prices will remain relatively unchanged from the current lineup (Neo - $16,335 - Maxx $18,330 and Genki at $20,290). The model names will most likely also remain unchanged.

Expect more details on the new Mazda 2 closer to October.