Despite the apparent doom and gloom of modern buyers abandoning thirsty performance-oriented large cars, V8-powered Holden Commodores are enjoying their highest sales percentage on record.
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Since the launch of the Holden VF Commodore in May 2013, around 37 per cent of new Commodore buyers have picked the V8 engine option.

With V8 customer penetration numbers at more than one in three, this marks the highest performance preferential for the historic nameplate.

Nonetheless, the high V8 sales percentage doesn’t necessarily mean a sales record for V8 variants, with the Commodore having enjoyed significantly better sales in the previous decade.

Almost one in four Commodore buyers (24 per cent) have opted for the SS this year, while the SV6 remains the best-selling variant.

The Calais V has also impressed in 2014, with sales up 142 per cent year-to-date.