2018 Porsche 911 likely to have hybrid model

The next-generation Porsche 911 will likely utilise hybrid power, with the sports car brand's CEO Matthias Muller responding to the question of whether petrol-electric power is applicable for its most iconic model with "of course, why not?"

"We have been doing some analysis to see whether it will work," said Muller.

“There is no decision up until now [but] we are negotiating that, and we will see. Maybe in the next generation - there is no reason against it and we will see if we have some reasons to do it."

Muller clarified that by the next-generation 911 he wasn't referring to a mid-life update of the current 991 series, but rather genuinely the all-new model due in about 2018.

The boss of Porsche also strongly hinted at a plan to roll out hybrids eventually across all model lines, including the Boxster and Cayman, though the latter, cheapest two-door Porsches will go four-cylinder first.

Porsche 911 Carrera - 1

“It depends from the lifecycle and the lifecycle of Porsches will be another opportunity to do that [hybrids]," Muller said.

"[In] 2016 the Panamera, then step by step.

"From my point of view we will see a four-cylinder engine in the next generation of Boxster and Cayman [but] there is no decision [on four-cylinder hybrid]."

Muller also defended the use of hybrid power in the brand's sportiest models.

“This hybrid technology has two reasons: one is CO2, but another reason for us for this technology is sportiness. As we have proved in the 918 Spyder … it can work.

"So it can also be a solution for 911."